Back Office Team

  Melissa Eastwood, RDA

[Lead Dental Assistant]


Jantzen O’connor, RDA









  Juliet Vasquez, RDA

[Lead Hygiene Assistant]

juliet 2Juliet grew up in Smithville, TX and move to the Austin area about 11 years ago. She was just a small town girl, living in this lonely world.

Right after high school, Juliet went to college to become a teacher, but she realized that was not her calling. She told herself, “don’t stop believing!” and found her love of dentistry. Juliet received her Dental Assisting degree from College of Health Care Professionals and joined our team, in May of 2014.

Juliet enjoys going to Barton Springs on the weekends, loves lipstick (any shade of pink), and rocks out to Amy Winehouse in her free time.


  Marisa Lombrana


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