An artist at heart, Dr. Robin Bethell thrives at making smiles look their best.  At Forest Family, cosmetic dentistry means using state of the art technology to enhance your smile.  Is your grin grisly from coffee stains?  Dr. Bethell can help (and sympathize) with advanced cleaning and whiting techniques.  Ashamed of a crooked or decayed teeth?  Dr. Tessler or Dr. Bethell will have you boasting and beaming with orthodontics, bonded dental composite, or dental veneers.  With an eye for artistry, Dr. Bethell works closely with the best local labs to give you your best aesthetic options at an affordable price.

Dr. Bethell has learned under San Diego dental artist Dr. Charles Schlesinger, San Francisco lecturer and cosmetic dental expert Dr. Marc Geissberger , and received training from celebrity dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman.   Though Dr. Bethell leans toward natural and conservative dentistry, there is no cosmetic procedure he cannot solve with care and expertise.   A smile you are proud to show off, is a smile you will take care of for a lifetime.