At Forest Family Dentistry, helping our Austin community is top priority. We understand how important budgeting your health care is. To help, Forest Family Dentistry is pleased to provide a link to FairHealthConsumer.org, a website which enables you to estimate and plan your dental expense based on what dental professionals charge for services in our area (78757). The default estimated charge on the site is based on the 80th percentile. This means that 80% of charges in the Fair Health database are less than or equal to the default estimated charge. Forest Family Denitstry guarantees that we will never raise our office fees above that 80th percentile estimated charge. For more information about fees:

1. Please visit this site – FairHealthConsumer.org  

2. Click on the “Get Started” button for Dental

3. Type in 78757 for the zip code and follow the steps on the FairHealthConsumer page.



Additionally, we accept many forms of PPO insurance, and are becoming “in network” with Austin’s insurance providers.  By Advancing our systems to communicate to our patients and their insurance, we streamline the entire process so we can spend more time with you and your family.

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