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It is never too late for orthodontics, and more and more adults are asking for braces.  When it comes to dental cosmetics, there is nothing more noticeable than straight, properly aligned teeth.  Forest Family Dentistry believes that straighter teeth lead to better hygiene and less need for intrusive gum therapy because teeth are more cleanable, and more likely to be cleaned.  That’s right: braces will make your smile healthier and more sustainable; and it doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a teenager.  Orthodontic technology has improved drastically over the years, making braces easier, take less time (sometimes less than 6 months), and more accessible than ever.  With the help of Dr. Bethell and our team of dental professionasl, you and your family can achieve brilliant, beautiful smiles in as little time as possible.

If you are an adult thinking about braces, we recommend you consider the following “check-list”:


Questions about Braces for Adults:

  • Will Invisalign or other “invisible” braces work for me? If not, why?

  • Will I need metal braces? On the uppers, lowers, or both?

  • Will I need to use rubber bands to correct my bite?

  • Will I need headgear or other appliances? If so, how long will I need to wear it, and how many hours per day? When, in the treatment process, would the headgear be introduced?

  • Will any teeth need to be extracted?

  • Will the treatment change my facial profile in any way? If so, how?

  • Will I need jaw surgery? If so, when (before or after?) Where would the surgery be done?

  • Will braces only straighten my teeth, or will they also improve my bite?

  • How long (how many months/years) will the total treatment take?

  • How often will I need to come to your office for adjustments? What do the adjustments entail?

  • What is the total cost? Do you accept insurance? How is the cost broken down? What is your payment plan? Typically Braces cost $5,500 for adults.  Forest Family Dentistry cost significantly discounted. 

  • Does the cost of my braces also include my retainers after treatment is finished? What type of retainers do you typically give your patients — Hawley, Essix, or bonded?

 2700 W Anderson Ln #418

 Austin, TX 78757