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Do you want a beautiful healthy smile for you and your family, but don’t like going to the dentist?   We get it, and we are here help.  Sometimes, your smile need a dentist’s help to become its best. Our mission is to help you reach and maintain your most attractive and healthy smile for a lifetime. Our team of dental professionals help achieve this using proven techniques that are comfortable, affordable, and durable.  We believe in Biological Dentistry, which means we don’t use materials with mercury or Bisphenols, and we remove of harmful materials properly.  We want to set a new standard of dental care for Austin by providing  beautiful dentistry that is efficient, healthy, and enjoyable.  We have built a beautiful forest friendly office that reflects Austin sustainable living by using furniture built from reclaimed Texas wood, natural and LED lighting, using less water, paperless charting, digital x-rays, and more.


These are ways we help achieve sustainable smiles for you and your family:

Smart Brushing.

We want to help you make intelligent decisions regarding your teeth and gums.  Simply brushing twice a day may not be enough. Using digital radiography (x-rays) and digital photography we can help you see your teeth in clear, detailed perspective.  When it comes to health, knowledge is your best tool.

We use cutting-edge technology.

Technology helps us decrease radiation exposure, increase our ability to diagnose, and shows you your mouth from the dentist’s point of view.  We do all this while cutting down on waste.

Less Waste.

We are doing our best to reduce consumption.   Utilizing paperless and modern digital imaging and charting, building our furniture from Texas reclaimed wood, and using natural lighting are just a few ways we do this.  We take going green seriously.  Also, by improving your oral health, you will need fewer dental visits.  But it’s not because we don’t like seeing you…

Less and Better.

That’s right: less waiting, less poking, less expense, better dentistry.  This is what we are striving for.  We do this by making health forms digital and easy to fill out, setting our fees affordably (see our Fees/Insurance page for detailed information), using minimally invasive techniques, and just the right amount of proven dental materials.  All of this to promote your best, healthiest smile.

Fun, Friendly, Forest Family.

Fun fact:  One reason Forest Family Dentistry gets its name is because Dr. Bethell loves to draw forest family toons.  We take your dental health seriously, but we also believe that in order to be sustainable, your dental experience should be fun!  We want you and your family to enjoy your time in the Austin Forest as much as we enjoy our time with you.

Dentistry for the whole family.

Dr. Robin Bethell continually trains to be able to expertly and comfortably treat kids, adults, senior citizens, and patients with special needs.

Big procedure?  Have no fear.

Dr. Bethell and staff understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to dentistry.  We start by showing you how procedures are done and why we want to do them.  In most cases, procedures can be done painlessly using modern comforting techniques and local anesthesia.  In certain cases sedation may be the best option for you or a family member.  Whatever your concern, we can find a solution.

 2700 W Anderson Ln #418

 Austin, TX 78757