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Dr. Robin Bethell and Associates of Forest Family Dentistry have partnered with Propel ® Orthodontic technologies to make Invisalign and Braces more effective and efficient than Ever.  Propel ® is a technique used for patients that wish to accelerate and maximize their Orthodontic Treatment.  PROPEL works by stimulate bone changing cells, which help bone remodel around tooth movements, and make teeth move faster.   This tool allows Forest Family Dentists to finish orthodontic treatment faster and more predictably.  That’s right: Propel ® makes our patients teeth straight FASTER.  Propel uses no medicine or chemicals, and works by using your own biological response.

What is PROPEL Orthodontics?​

Propel is an alveolar bone dimpling technique that is done early in the orthodontic treatment.  Typically one Propel ® visit is done per orthodontic case.  The dimpling causes the body to recruit cells that help bone remodel around orthodontic movements.  Additionally, patients can opt to use Propel VPro5, which stimulates bone movement, and adds additional improvements during the course of treatment.

Why should I consider PROPEL Orthodontics?

The PROPEL System creates alveolar dimples that make orthodontic systems (Invisalign!) more efficient.  Creating micro osteo-perforations (bone dimpling) is a micro-invasive option used to accelerate the stimulation of bone production in the upper and lower jaw. This alone will help cut your treatment time in half. The PROPEL system will help both your teeth shift and tissues heal faster than they ever could with orthodontic treatment alone. PROPEL Orthodontics can also help produce faster results in patients whose bone growth is still active, such as in teens and young adults.

PROPEL has also enabled Forest Family Dentists to utilize Invisalign to correct teeth that were once thought to be “too difficult” for orthodontic movements.   In some complex cases, Doctors can now able to treat cases without surgery using Invisalign!  More and more patients are becoming ideal candidates for Invisalign and Orthodontic treatment because of innovations like Propel.  Why not cut treatment time in half?   Do you have a big event on the horizon?  Wedding? Photoshoot?  Work Interviews?  Forest Family Dentist can have your teeth straightened in NO time.  PROPEL can be completed chair-side in minutes by Dr. Bethell and yields little discomfort to the patient. There is zero recovery time and the patients are able to return to their normal daily routine immediately!

With PROPEL Orthodontics, Dr. Bethell and Associates can help:

  • Make teeth straight FASTER

  • Stimulate alveolar bone development

  • Cut your Ortho treatment time in HALF

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